Robert III: Translation

1390, 18 August, Scone, Council

Council Record

18 August 1390

Letters: precept to the sheriff of Edinburgh and bailies of Linlithgow

Robert, by the grace of God king of Scots, to our sheriff of Edinburgh and his bailies of Linlithgow, greeting. The venerable father in Christ William [de Blackburn] abbot of Cambuskenneth, coming into our presence, gravely complained that you unjustly compel his lands of Kettlestoun in the constabulary of Linlithgow for common suits and services contrary to the form of a charter of the late David [II], illustrious king of Scots, made thereupon, which he has revealed to us and which we, with the council of our three estates, caused to be read through and examined; which done it seems to us and this our council expressly that the said lands are unjustly compelled in the foregoing. Wherefore we firmly order and command you that you shall by no means compel the aforesaid lands further contrary to the form of the aforesaid charter, under the penalty which applies. Given under our privy seal at Scone after our coronation, on 18 August in the first year of our reign [1390].

  1. This 'council', as it is described in the text, was a meeting of the three estates who had assembled for Robert III's coronation. Back
  2. NLS, Registrum Monasterii de Cambuskenneth, Adv. Ms 34.1.2, ff.136v-137r (modern pencil foliation). The date of 1390 is calculated on the basis that William de Blackburn was abbot of Cambuskenneth during the reign of Robert III. Back