1391, 7 March, Scone, Parliament

Parliamentary Records

7 March 1391

Charter: to the altar of St Salvator in the parish church of Dundee

Robert, by the grace of God king of Scots, to all good men of his whole land, clerics and laymen, greeting. Know that we, for the salvation of the soul of our late faithful subject Patrick de Innerpeffray, burgess of Dundee, have given, granted and confirmed by this our present charter to God and the altar of St Salvator founded anew in the parish church of Dundee, and to the chaplain, celebrating divine service perpetually for the same at the said altar, a third part of the lands of the Milton of Craigie with the pertinents, and a third part of the lands of the Westfield of Dundee with the pertinents in the barony of Dundee in the sheriffdom of Forfar. Which aforesaid lands with the pertinents belonged to James Scrimgeour, knight, our kinsman, constable of Dundee, and which the same James, not led through force or fear nor erroneous lapse, but by his pure and spontaneous will returned back to us by rod and staff and purely and simply resigned, and altogether quitclaimed in perpetuity all right and claim which they had in the said lands with the pertinents or could have for themselves and their heirs. The aforesaid lands with the pertinents being held and had by the same altar, and the chaplain at that [altar] who celebrates and will celebrate divine service for the soul of the same Patrick, of us and our heirs kings of Scotland, in fee and heritage, by all their rightful boundaries and divisions in pure and perpetual alms and also in mortmain, with all and singular liberties, profits, easements and lawful pertinents whatsoever pertaining to the said lands with the pertinents, or which may pertain in any way in future, as freely and quietly, fully, integrally and honourably, well and in peace, in and by all ways, as the said James held the same lands with the pertinents of us before his resignation made to us in this way. The said chaplain at the said altar who celebrates or will celebrate divine service making [as payment] thereupon only masses and the divine office for the said Patrick, for all other secular service. We have likewise granted to Patrick de Innerpeffray, nephew of the said late Patrick, and his legitimate heirs procreated or to be procreated of his body, and they perchance failing, to the alderman of our burgh of Dundee who shall be for the time, and twelve good men of his council chosen or to be chosen annually, the right of patronage to the aforesaid altar. In testimony of which matter we have commanded our seal to be appended to our present charter. Witnesses, the venerable fathers in Christ Walter [Trail], bishop of the church of St Andrews, Matthew [Glendinning], bishop of the church of Glasgow, Robert [Stewart], earl of Fife and Menteith, our most beloved brother, Archibald [Douglas, 3rd] earl of Douglas, lord of Galloway, our kinsman, James de Douglas, lord of Dalkeith, Thomas de Erskine, our beloved kinsmen, knights, and Alexander de Cockburn of Langton, keeper of our great seal. At Scone at the time of our parliament held there on 7 March in the first year of our reign [1391].

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