March 1391


Charter: to Queen Anabella Drummond, of 2,500 merks

Robert, by the grace of God king of Scots, to all good men of his whole land, clerics and laymen, greeting. Because in [our] parliament [held] at Scone in the month of March in the first year of our reign it was considered by the three estates of the kingdom, decreed and determined we should honourably and reasonably [... ...] cause to be assigned to our most beloved consort Anabella [Drummond], queen of Scotland, for trappings and other things required for her standing and life [... ... ...], 2,500 merks sterling from our great customs of our burghs written below, to be levied and received for her by the hands of our custumars who shall be in that place for the time, for all the time of her life, at the feasts of Whitsun [May/June] and St Martin in winter [11 November] by equal portions. We accordingly [to] our same consort [...]

  1. NAS, Register of the Great Seal, C1/10/56.
  2. The remainder of the charter is lost. Back